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Stand Out with a Custom WordPress Site Design

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging – and for a good reason. It’s user-friendly and powerful at the same time. More and more businesses are tapping into WordPress. Whether you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur wanting to build an online presence, WordPress is an excellent start with plenty of room for growth. BUT, Is the basic WordPress theme that you are using now, enough for your business needs? Does it make your website stand out or does it scream “WordPress blog” at first glance?

A custom WordPress website design is a necessity. It’s no longer enough to just have an online presence. You need to stand out and create your own professional branding image. Just a good looking WordPress site with perfect pictures and background is not enough, it should look professional. It needs to have appealing, sophisticated design which not just has pixel perfect images but balanced combination of colors, design and text. Everything that you want your potential customer to should stand out.

Webtinity offers custom WordPress website design solutions that combine the impact of branded aesthetics with a high level of functionality and excellent user experience.

UX/UI Design Package

Webtinity Final

Responsive Web Design

In today’s time, if you are curious about something or you need to get all information fast and at your own convenience, the first device that comes to your mind is Mobile phone. Website that looks and performs best on mobile devices is most likely to increase your customer base. Social media is an effective medium of  marketing and if it is your most preferred marketing platform, you cannot miss out on the mobile web designs. Who would not want to browse through the website when they come across the advertisement on their Instagram or Messenger?

Do not miss out on this opportunity. Make sure that your WordPress website is mobile friendly with a mobile-first responsive design. Lounge Lizard will provide you with innovative and highly adaptive responsive web design solutions.


Fast Speeds

WordPress sites have impressive load time and we make the best of this feature. Our speed-optimized theme designs make it possible for your website to load within the three-second mark.


Highly Scalable Website

WordPress ensures that your website has enough room to grow. WordPress powers websites of all sizes. All websites, small or big, we make it appealing for all businesses.

Main Features for WordPress Website Design

Content Migration & Content Entry

Seamlessly migrate your existing website to WordPress CMS with our custom site migration service.

Custom WordPress Theme

Say goodbye to pre-built theme templates with a custom design from our team of award-winning designers.

Site Redesign

Give your website an updated look and functionality with our custom WordPress redesign services.

Search Engine Optimization

Our in-house SEO and digital marketing experts will provide you with digital marketing strategy recommendations and SEO implementations built-in with the website’s design.

Intuitive Usability

Our UX and UI designer teams specialize in crafting a seamless user experience. WordPress offers great tools for UI at its core, and also allows for fine-tuned customization to design a user flow for any type of customer.

Roadmap to your successful website

Not all projects are the same, but our process has served us and our clients well across hundreds of website builds. We thrive for excellence and never compromise on quality.

Technical Discovery

Assessing the situation, goals, and requirements

We begin by assessing your current environment and technology stack, speaking to your key stakeholders and tech leads. Our goal is to understand your business needs and learn about your technology requirements. If we’re also designing your website, technical discovery is part of an integrated discovery and strategy process.


Creating a tech strategy that works

An optimal technology architecture requires a skillful balance of factors – current and future needs, workflows, integrations, regulatory requirements, in-house technical resources and, of course, budget to arrive at the right solution.

Our experienced technical team acts as your strategic partners – helping you rebuild your tech stack or finding a solution that plays nicely with the tools you have.

IA, Design + Copywriting

Delivering a complete website solution

We are an end-to-end website development agency  and are capable of handling your digital strategy, information architecture, website design, and content creation.

We begin planning early for the features we know the site would need, so that we can determine the scope of the development appropriately.  We architect and design the website with an understanding of the unique capabilities of the platform the site will be built on.

Front- and Back-End Coding

Mobile-first Approach

From our experience, we have found that the majority of our clients prefer a hybrid development approach, where we build the MVP using a Waterfall methodology and then add new features and improvements in Agile sprints. But we can and do work in other ways.

Our development teams are fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS and Javascript. With our range of partnerships, we have expertise – including many certifications – for a wide variety of CMS options.

Every build is assigned a dedicated technical Project Manager, who will support your equally dedicated Account Director in efficiently managing work quality, time, and budget.


Testing against over 100 checkpoints

We are fanatical about QA, with dedicated teams ruthlessly evaluating the site against over 100 checkpoints before it even gets close to going live.

We like to get our clients involved – while the site is in beta and when it goes lives on a development server, where you and your team can play with it, try to break it, and help us eradicate any bugs.


CMS Training + Launch

Preparing your team for handover

When we deliver your new site, we don’t just throw you the keys and run. We walk you through the CMS, show you how to use it (and how not to use it), and make sure everyone touching the website is comfortable with managing it. Launch day is time to celebrate – and to start planning enhancements that deliver even more value to your users and business.

Solutions and Results

Don’t let your budget constrain your business goals. Talk to us about your dream project and we will help you turn it into reality.

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