Naresh Yadav

Mr. Naresh Yadav is the face of webtinity. Our deals, Our sales,  Our go-to person for the administrative work, Advise of quality assurance, you name it, he has brought in his 6 years of experience to WebTinity. His experience as a Quality Analyst is a huge bonus and support for our team. Though he is always busy with client meetings, admin works, deals but whenever the need arises, he always ready with his valuable input in technical work and is an asset for the Team.

His strong communication skills and even better administrative skills have helped WebTinity and our client become a family. For all of us at WebTinity, it is not just our workplace, it is a dream place where we make our client’s expectations and dreams into reality. And, he has been able to communicate all this efficiently to all our clients. At the end of the day, we all are in business and you cannot find anybody as committed and assuring as Mr. Naresh Yadav to handle ours and your business.